Lawn Lime and Dogs?


Lime is used on lawns to reduce soil acidity. Some lime products are potentially harmful to pets like dogs. When using lime on a lawn it is advisable to keep the dog away from the lawn
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1. Take a soil sample of your lawn. Have the local county extension office run a test on it. One of the tests that will be run will determine the pH of the soil. Ask the county extension
To keep a dog off of your lawn, the only thing that is guaranteed is a fence. Dogs have a natural instinct to mark their territory, and there's not much you can do aside from stay
Lime on a lawn helps reduce the acidity in the soil.
1 Sprinkle cayenne pepper over your lawn. There may be a few dogs that won't be affected, but the strong scent of cayenne pepper tends to drive most dogs away. You can sprinkle it
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No, lime will not hurt dogs. Usually, dogs have enough common sense not to eat lime. People usually lay it out on their lawns without any sort of pet trouble. ...
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