Lawn Mower Spark Plug Gap?


The lawn mower spark plug gap is the measurement of how much you have to tighten the spark plug into the socket. Each lawnmower engine type is going to have a different spark plug gap, as there is no standard. You can find out what kind of gap you need by checking the owner's manual for your lawnmower. If you do not have the manual, usually you can find one on the manufacturer's website or get one by calling them and ordering it.
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1. Read the owner's manual for your lawn mower to find the correct gap for your brand and model, if the gap information is not available on the spark plug package. The maintenance
Try the owners manual. It should be about .030 of an inch. If the magneto gets weaker close the gap about .002 (or to .028) of an inch. Good Mowing.
The spark plug gap on all lawn mower spark plugs is .030 or 30 thousands.
The spark plug gap for the Craftsman LT1000 lawn
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