Lawn Mower Will Not Start?


It is a big problem when the lawn mower will not start. There are several things you should check yourself before taking it in for service. First, check to see if it has gas in it. If so, then move on to check the air filter to make sure it is not clogged. Then check the gas cap to make sure it is not clogged. Do this by loosening it and trying to start the lawnmower. Then check the fuel lines, fuel cut off, and gas filter. Also check the carburetor to see if it is working as it should.
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I always hated mowing the lawn, and would often blackmail my little brother into it. If you don't have a little brother to blackmail, I suppose the place to start would be to examine
It may seem obvious, but check your mower to make sure that there is gas in the tank. If there is plenty of fuel in the mower but it still won't start, the gas may be stale. Gas can
1 Fill'er up and check the oil. It's so easy, after an extended lawn-mowing session, to just put that mower away when you're done. If you're running on empty, or the mower sat neglected
Either you don't have gas in it. You have the gas valve off. Or the blade is stuck to itself.
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