Laws for Babysitting without License?


There are laws for babysitting without a license, but they vary from state to state. In many jurisdictions, a babysitter can only watch the children of one set of parents at a time. If they have multiple children from multiple families at the same time, they would be considered a daycare which requires a license. Families are generally exempt from needing a license, unless they have a large amount of children that are being cared for at one time. Failure to get a license can cause a person to get a large fine and possibly be convicted of a crime.
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how many children can a nanny take care of without a license? just click on your state and find out what you need to know. good luck Source(s): *********
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In Florida, the law indicates that one may babysit for family, and for ONE non family without consequences. The number of children allowed to be in the sitters ...
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The rules for babysitting with or without a license vary by state. Many people who babysit for close friends, family, or neighbors do not require a license. ...
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