Lawsuits for False Accusations?


Lawsuits are common over false accusations. The term for this is defamation of character, which includes libel and slander. This means that false statements that cause harm to an individual can have civil consequences. Slander is the making of these false statements verbally, which libel involves printed false statements against a person or company. Either of these can result in a lawsuit if the affect party can prove how he lost business or money over the defamation.
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If I was falsely accused of doing things to my girlfriends 2 girls and boy By her Ex-husband and grandmother that works for DHS.
1. Carefully review the merits of the claim. If in the criminal context, the defendant has a right to review the charges against him, as well as the probable cause used by the police
1. Analyze the problem to within an inch of its life. In our test case, a rumor mill alleging communicative incompetence exists. The allegation is FALSE, 100% Why is this allegation
I am a convicted felon and served six months in jail for a crime I did not commit. At most I was guilty of disturbing the peace but the officer charged me with making death threats
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