Lazy Boy Recliner Repair?


La-Z-Boy (often spelled Lazy Boy, as that is how it is pronounced) recliners and other furniture pieces should be repaired by a licensed La-Z-Boy dealership. If the item is repaired by an unauthorized person, the warranty can be voided, and the charges would not be reimbursed by the company. Every La-Z-Boy dealership staffs members who are licensed to repair the brand's furniture. Inquiries should be directed to your local dealership, even if it is not the dealership from which you purchased the piece.
Q&A Related to "Lazy Boy Recliner Repair?"
1. Move the recliner out so that you can access the back of the chair. Look for the seam between the sides of the chair back and the side of the chair. Some recliners have a fabric
lazy boy trust me! As someone who sells/has sold LA-Z-BOY and Lane recliners for years, I will tell you the likelihood of needing warranty service or repair on either manufacturer
A typical lazy boy recliner is between $699.00 and $899.00 if it is cloth
I sold Lazboys at one time. They are the most comfortable recliners. The are far and away a better choice over Lane, Best, and some of the other smaller chair manufacturers. I personally
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