When Is a Woman Least Fertile?


A woman is least fertile right after her menstrual cycle. Of course, this is only true if she has regular periods every 28 days. Remember, there is always a chance you might get pregnant if you have unprotected sex.
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Generally the least fertile time is right before her period, but it can widely vary.
Answer Going by a 28 day cycle (yours may be longer or shorter): Day 1 = 1st day of your periodDay 5 = last day your periodDay 12-16 = This is when you are most likely to conceive
Things You'll Need. Fertilizer. Water. Instructions. Fertilize in late spring. Spread your choice of fertilizer when the soil has warmed and the grass is in an active growing stage.
The average cycle is 28 days.there is a period on day 1,lasting until day 7.ovulation is said to take place on day 14.sperm can live inside for about a week,so the least fertile period
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