Which is the least reactive element on the periodic table?


Neon is the least reactive element on the periodic table. As a noble gas, neon is colorless and odorless with extremely low reactivity in its natural state. Neon has an atomic number of 10.

Neon is considered the most noble of the gases, as it has the lowest reactivity in a group of elements with low reactivity. Elements react with each other to form groups of eight valence electrons. Neon has eight stable electrons in its natural state, so it has no reason to seek out electrons from other elements. Neon can be made to react artificially with fluorine under controlled laboratory settings.

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Noble gases are the least reactive elements in the periodic table because they have a full valence shell. The least reactive elements in the periodic table are the. noble gases. or
Helium (from Greek: helios, meaning "sun" is a colorless,
The Nobel Gases. Excluding those, the MOST active are the lower left and upper right. So the LEAST active (excluding Group 18) are the non-metals furthest from the upper right.
The periodic table of elements is just a display of the chemical elements. This table organizes the elements in order of increasing atomic number. It is also arranged so that elements
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The Periodic Table of Elements
Dmitri Mendeleev generally is credited with the creation of the first periodic table, which charts the chemical elements by atomic number and valence shell electron configuration.
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