Why do I have left flank pain?


According to Healthline, there are 13 or more conditions that might cause flank pain, many of them related to the kidney. These include kidney stones, a kidney infection (pyelonephritis), obstruction of the urine flow (obstructive uropathy) and kidney cancer.

Flank pain is a term that usually describes pain in the back between the lowest rib and the buttocks, according to Medicine Net. Although this is where the kidneys are located, pain in these areas may result from a simple muscle strain or a back issue, such as a degenerative disease, a fracture or infection of the spine. A telltale sign of kidney infection is flank pain associated with a fever and bloody or cloudy urine. Blood in the urine and flank pain also may be associated with bleeding into the kidney due to trauma, a bleeding disorder or blood clots.

In addition to infection, another common cause of flank pain is kidney stones. These stones usually lodge in the ureter, the thin tube that connects the kidney to the bladder. This type of pain is usually sharp, sudden and very severe, and it may come in waves known as renal colic. Polycystic kidney disease, horseshoe kidney (a congenital abnormality of the kidney) and poor circulation to the kidney due to arteriosclerosis are less common causes of flank pain.

According to the Mayo Clinic, yet another common cause of flank pain is shingles, an infection caused by varicella zoster, the same virus that causes chicken pox. Shingles typically causes a painful strip of blisters that wrap around the torso, but the pain is sometimes felt several days before the rash appears. Some people with shingles also experience a headache, fever and generalized fatigue.

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