What Causes Pain in Left Side under Rib Cage and and Feels Bruised?


There are a number of causes for pain in the left side under the rib cage. This could be cause by heartburn or acid reflex. It could also be caused by: spleen irritation, broken rib, stomach ulcers, and gas in the colon. These are just a few ailments that can cause this. Contact you physician for medical treatment.
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This is caused by gas buildup. There are a couple of way to get rid of this. First way is to lay flat with no pillows and keep trying to burp. If this does not work then try pulling
Your spleen is on your left side under your rib cage. May the
Probably a side ache. You usually get this when you are tired from walking or running, orother excersise. Nothing too worry about, the pain should go away on its own.
Here are some organs located on the left side under the rib cage: Left kidney. Parts of the jejunum. Parts of the ileum. Descending colon. Sigmoid colon. The left side of the bladder
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