Legal Age for Babysitting in Ohio?


There is actually no legal babysitting age in the state of Ohio. A child however cannot be left alone under the age of seven.
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I have looked all over the legal system in Ohio for this answer, and there is no law regulating an age limit, only that the child's mentality, and responsibility should be acceptable
At the age of 11 a person can babysit a younger child (at the parents
There is not a law governing the age of babysitters. Generally, babysitters are chosen by families according to age, maturity and ability to handle emergencies. It is a matter of
I found this story from 2007, talking about Columbus Ohio and how there is no minimum age for a babysitter to be left alone with children. So legally there isn't a minimum age, but
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The legal age to babysit in Canada is at the age of 12 years. This is where the child can be legally left home with you, which is contributed by factors such as ...
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