Legal Age to Get Your Tubes Tied?


If you are old enough to make your own medical decisions, then that is the legal age at which you can get your tubes tied. A doctor doesn't just grant every person the wish to tie off their tubes. Doctors are very reluctant to do this procedure to women at a young age and often offer alternative forms of birth control unless it is deemed medically necessary.
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Doctors won't do it unless you have all ready had 2-3 children and if you are too young they won't do it. I knew a gal who talked her doctor into in her 20's and was sorry she did
Why don't you do some more learning and finish physically maturing (you are still developing at 19) before you make such a PERMANENT decision. You might not feel the same way in a
For medical reasons, someone can have a tubal
Here is a list of doctors state by state who specialize in this procedure, the average cost is $4,000 and is covered by some insurance companys.
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It is possible for you to get pregnant while your tubes are tied. This is because the egg may be fertilised but get attached in fallopian tube and hence you have ...
Unless you are working for a company that is ruled by government imposed legal age requirements and/or safety regulations, it is not illegal to bring your child ...
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