Legal Age to Move Out in Michigan?


Minors in Michigan may be able to forgo the legal age to move out in Michigan by going through the emancipation process. A probate judge in the state of Michigan can grant a minor emancipation after the minor fills out a petition and pays the filing fee. Situations of emancipation depend on the particulars of the case. Those who are pregnant and plan to get married or join the armed forces are granted emancipation through a judge.
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At age 21. that would be the most mature age and legal age to move in Michigan.
The legal age in Michigan is eighteen years
18 and you can move out on your own without asking or getting permission. You CAN move out earlier WITH permission of your parents (or guardian) It is your parents that have to sign
Not Legal Advice: Under Michigan law you're not legally allowed to move out of your parent's house till 18, unless emancipated. report this answer. Updated on Thursday, February 02
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