Legal Basis of Physical Education?


In most states physical education is a mandatory requirement. In public high schools, P.E. is generally taken everyday by students. In grammar and middle schools, it is usually taken once or twice a week.
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Goals & Objectives for Physical Education
Physical education is one part of the elementary and high school curriculum that is often a source of debate. Some people view it as an important way to show children the necessity of exercise, while others see it as a waste of time. Therefore, a... More »
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ako nga nagtatanong diba?
The same as any other education.
Just ti help keep people in shape and not get fat
There are no
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Every child has the right to education. This is part of the right of a child as stated in the Philippine Constitution. There are various legal basis of education ...
Many laws have been passed relative to the provision of education in the Philippines. The most recent law was passed in August 2001. This was Republic Act No. ...
There is more legal liability in Physical Education than in any other school-level subject. This requires the teacher to understand risk management. In turn, students ...
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