What are the legal forms of child visitation?


Those who may be getting a divorce or filing a custody agreement for a child will need to work out which parent receives sole custody or if the parents will share joint custody. For parents who are seeking visitation with the child they do not retain custody to, they must fill out legal forms for a child visitation agreement. The visitation agreement may be created during court mediation and can be agreed upon by the parents.
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Pennsylvania codes on divorce and child custody state there are three types of custody in divorce cases. These are physical custody, legal custody and shared custody. If one parent
First, every country in the world produces it's own forms, so without knowing what country you're in, no-one can even guess what forms are needed. (In Federal countries, such as Australia
By showing that visitation would harm the child in some way. The court could restrict visitation in some way - public places only, supervision, etc.
The parents both have equal right
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