Legal Length of Sawed off Shotgun?


The minimum legal length of a sawed off shotgun according to Federal standards is 18 inches. This is the same in the state of AZ. It is recommended that only a gunsmith make modifications to a gun.
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The BATFE website has the information you want. Two things have to be condisdiered, overall length and barrel length.
A barrel length less than 18 in. or 46 cm and an overall length
just a quick addition. the 18 inch dimension is take from the closed bolt face of the action. Basically that means the BATF agent who questions your legality (if it came to it) would
1. Choose the shotgun you want to modify. Single and double barreled shotguns are often cheaper, but pump-actions and semi-auto shotguns have higher capacities. Ad. 2. Decide on the
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The shortest legal length of a shotgun barrel is limitless. The shortest length you can buy from a store is 18 inches. Any shorter and you will need a stamp to ...
The shortest legal length for a shotgun depends on where in the world you are. In the United States it is 18 inches for the barrel or a total length of 28 inches ...
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