Legal Separation in Texas?


As the country song by George Strait sings, 'All my ex's live in Texas.' And, as sad as any country song, if you're trying to legally separate from your spouse in Texas, you cannot. Texas has no laws regarding legal separation, which means that you either have to completely divorce or stay legally wed. That does not mean you cannot live separately; however, any income you earn and any property you buy will be considered jointly owned.

You may want to mosey over to your nearest law office and consult with a professional about your options.
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Since Texas does not recognize legal separation, a couple looking to go their separate ways will need to decide whether they want to take the formal step of divorcing, since there
A legal separation is similar to divorce. It is something like a pre-divorce. Two people draw up a document that allows them to remain married but live apart. They divide assets and
Simply residing in different places and living separate lives does not constitute a legal separation. Even if you are going through the divorce process, that is not considered a legal
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What Is Legal Separation in Texas?
Legal separation occurs when a husband and wife split up, but do not take the formal step of divorce. While it is possible in many states, Texas has no regulations or statutes recognizing legal separation. Therefore, an individual looking to separate... More »
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