Legal Shotgun Barrel Length?


The shortest legal length of a shotgun barrel is limitless. The shortest length you can buy from a store is 18 inches. Any shorter and you will need a stamp to carry it.
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Federal law mandates a minimum length of 18 inches for the barrel.
Shotgun barrels must be at least 18 inches long. Thanks for asking
1. Select a shorter barrel shotgun such as one that is 20 inches long for use in home defense or personal protection. A shorter will be easier to handle and aim inside a home where
Not Legal Advice: Legal minimum barrel length of a shotgun is 18" 457 mm in the U.S.
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The minimum length of a shotgun barrel is 18 inches. Anything under 18 inches is illegal and a felony. ...
The maximum effective range of the M500 12-guage shotgun is 40 meters or 131.2 feet. It holds from five to eight shells depending on the barrel length. Its barrel ...
A shotgun will usually only hold one shell unless it is a double barrel. For a repeating shotgun you are only allowed on in the chamber and two in the magazine ...
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