What are the LEGO Mindstorm building instructions?


The Lego Mindstorm building instructions are based on the individual models. The instructions for building the four main LEGO Mindstorms are distributed only on software. You can find the guidelines at Mindstorms Lego website.
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1. Prepare your building space. It should be well-lit. You will need something to build in or on to prevent missing pieces. A towel will keep pieces from bouncing and make them easy
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All the instructions I've ever done (and I've done several that I sell to other adult fans (AFOLs) . you can see them at. www.miltontrainworks.com. I have done with LDraw. I really
This link from Lego has links for support and FAQ's. http://mindstorms.lego.com/eng/default.a… I hope this is helpful. You might also want to try www.robotadvice.com GOOD LUCK
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LEGO Mindstorms Building Instructions
Robots have long fascinated kids and adults, and with Lego Mindstorms, everything you need to build your own robot comes in a box. You can design a robot that will guard your room by shooting balls at intruders, dance or catapult items across a room.... More »
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