Lemon Battery Hypothesis?


Many people may find it hard to believe, but a lemon can be utilized as a crude electrical battery. In fact any citrus fruit due to its acidity can be used as a battery, as can a potato or even a beer beverage. To make a lemon battery, obtain a piece of copper strip and a piece of zinc strip. Insert both strips into opposite ends of the lemon. Next connect a voltmeter to the strips. You should be able to measure a small voltage from your lemon battery.
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A good hypothesis is
A lemon battery requires an acidic fruit (lemon), a penny, a piece of zinc or a steel paper clip, two wires and a voltage meter. Two slits in the lemon hold the penny and and piece
1 Polish the zinc and a penny (a small copper coin) with sandpaper. Ad 2 Squeeze lemon without breaking its skin. The squeezing action releases juices inside the lemon. 3 Cut two
The potato and lemon provide an electrolytic solution that a current flows through. They don't actually provide any power. The idea that a lemon or potato can be used as a battery
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