What is Lenni Lenape clothing?


Lenni Lenape clothing refers to the traditional Native American garments made by the Delaware Indian tribe. Clothing items included skirts, mantles, leggings, breech cloths, moccasins and jackets that were typically made of deerskin or beaver skin.

In the Delaware tribe's native language, Unami, Lenni Lenape means the "true people." Some cities in the United States have Unami names, with Manhattan being the most notable example. They are called the Delaware tribe because the Delaware River ran throughout their original territories, which extended into most of the mid-Atlantic area. Today most of the remaining Lenape tribe members live in Canada, Wisconsin and Oklahoma.

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They made them out of deerskin.
In the Delaware Indian tribe of the Lenni Lenape, hunters wore deer hides as
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Lenni Lenape were the organized bands of Native American people in 17th Century. The terrain can be analyzed by the fact that they practiced large scale agriculture to augment a mobile
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The Lenape bow and arrow was made from ash, hickory or oak. These hardwood materials were durable, outlasting most any other weapon of the surrounding birch and ...
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