What are a leopard's enemies?


Leopards sometimes like to get themselves in trouble by raiding stock on farmlands. As a result of this they are sometimes trapped or shot. Their biggest enemies are that of spotted hyaena's and man. Spotted hyaena's sometimes have been known to kill leopard cubs or even adult leopards in very poor condition. But man is the biggest enemy of all for the Leopard. Leopards themselves however prey on around 20 to 30 different types of species including birds, reptiles, and other carnivores.
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I would say that the leopards enemies are the lion and the elephant and wildebeest because lions are definitely stronger than leopards Even an elephant and a herd of wildebeest can
The only enemy of the snow leopard is the human being. They are sometimes killed by herders to protect herds of yaks and cattle, but mostly they are hunted for their beautiful fur
First and foremost is humans, sadly. As for natural enemies, the Amur leopard might occasionally come into conflict with other predators that share its habitat, such as the Siberian
Leopards and Baboons most likely never got
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