How to Use My Lexar Adapter to Put My Pictures From My Cell to My Computer.?


1. Pull the microSD card from the cell phone. Most microSD cards are on the thin side of the cell phone. 2. Fit the microSD card into the Lexar SD adapter. 3. Slide the adapter into the SD card slot on the computer. 4. Click "Start" and select
Q&A Related to "How to Use My Lexar Adapter to Put My Pictures..."
It's waiting for you to insert a memory card.
Is it a USB memory card reader? If so, try reconnecting the usb cable to the computer and reboot the computer and see if that helps. If the kit came with software, load it onto the
If the adapter has a USB connector on it, then it goes into a USB port. What kind of computer do you have? Most of them have at least one USB port on the front (it's a small rectangular
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