How to Refill a Lexmark 32.?


1. Remove the ink cartridge label on the top of the black ink cartridge. Place the cartridge on a piece of paper towel. Remove the black ink, one syringe and thumb drill from the package. 2. Place the tip of the thumb drill into the fill hole on the
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Lexmark 32, a printer ink cartridge, is available at many different I.T. stores. It is also available at stores that specialize in printing. A cheaper, less reliable alternative,
Ink Cartridges #33 and #32 are compatible with
Hello. Video step by step ; Here you learn how you can refill at home right now for only $5 ! Enjoy ! Source(s)
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The Lexmark x5470 printer uses Lexmark 18c0034 #34, #32 in Black ink and #35 color ink cartridge. Depending on where you purchase these ink cartridges, depends ...
Did you purchase a "Lexmark" factory new cartridge or was it a third party cartridge made for a Lexmark printer. The Black 32 Cartridge is listed for ...
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