How to Troubleshoot an LG Tromm?


LG Tromm is a model of dryer from LG Electronics. If the dryer is not working properly, it is best to know some basic troubleshooting tips. First check if there is ample power supply to the dryer. Also make sure to check that the gas shutoff valves are open. Emptying the lint filter can also be a helpful troubleshooting to for LG Tromm.
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1. Turn off the washing machine if you hear clanking or rattling noises. Check the drum for coins, safety pins, and other small metal objects. Remove the lower cover cap. Rotate the
System not draining, check behined front panel in lower left corner. drain water using the tube then open the bigger drain and clean out. If this doesnt solve the problem check drain
You should be able to go to LG's web site and download the manual for your washer. The web site for the washer (WM3001HRA) is below; at the far right, you'll see "Documents,
Unplug machine. Remove back panel (4 phillips head screws). Remove large bolt in center of motor. Pull motor rotor off shaft. Remove phillips head screw(s) holding wire protector
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