LG Universal Remote Codes?


LG has many different universal remote codes. A common code you can try is 0004 or 0050. You can search the internet to find the code for your specific television model.
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I am not sure what model of LG plasma TV that you have, but you will probably find the remote instructions for the remote that you have at: http://www.remotecentral.com. This website
It depends on the universale remote model and LG TV model but try 652
1. Remove the batteries from the remote control. Take the battery compartment panel off the back and pull out each cell. Most remotes use two to four AAA cells. 2. Leave the battery
1 Find the model number of your device (maybe found on back panel of device). Remove the battery cover on the back, and look for the model number: RCR412S, for example. Ad 2 Navigate
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