How do I test an LG washer and dryer?


The best way to test an LG washer and dryer combo is to actually use the washer and dryer. This means you will need to wash a load of clothes and dry the clothes. You should try both the hot and cold water features. You should also see how well the clothes dry in the dryer.
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LG is a very popular brand of washer and dryer combination. They can be usually purchased at any store that sells furniture. Examples would be Sears, the Brick or Leons.
Styles. When examining LG washing machines, you'll find most of them are front-loading models, but a few are top-loading washers. LG's dryers are all front-loading models, but you
LG WM-3431 Front Load All-in-One Washer / Dryer. It will costs you about . $1079.72 at amazon.
When set on auto-dry the dryer used to run for 3-4 hours, until the clothes were almost dry. All of a sudden, it only runs for about 45 minutes and turns off and the clothes are .
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