Lichen Adaptations?


Lichens are the product of alga and fungus. The lichen body is a tangle of fungal filaments, called hyphae. The fungus collects the water and also provides structure and protection for the alga. The alga in turn possesses chloroplasts and provides carbohydrates for both the alga and the fungus. Linches are able to withstand extreme temperatures and moisture because of their special adaptations. When the moisture is available, the fungus takes it up, setting off a chain of adaptations.
Q&A Related to "Lichen Adaptations?"
—dark pigments allow adaptation to absorb heat in many arctic and alpine environments. —Lichen are able to grow faster in abundant moisture and light. —Grow fast in
Some can survive in deserts, and others on frozen soil. They are able to adapt.
They can stop metabolic processes in extremes of cold. They have dark pigments to help them absorb heat. They can absorb moisture form snow and ice.
lichen adapt cold condition because they are made of fur and thick branch which can survive in cold it usally grows in rock because it keep away from cold and snow and keep them warms
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