Life Cycle of a Mammal?


Mammals have a very similar life cycle to humans. They have three stages: birth, young and adult. The birth stage is when the mammal is just born, and they are completely dependent on their mother. The young stage of the mammal life cycle is when the mammal still needs their mother for certain things, but can handle most of their day to day activities on their own. The adult stage of the mammal life cycle is the longest of all of the cycles.
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The life cycle, of any organism, is the combination of the different sequential stages that it goes through. For every organism, the life cycle varies.
Um, there's really not a beginning to a life cycle. The egg and sperm are both living cells, which came from living tissue, which came from an organism which came from a living sperm
Sponges live under water. Most sponges live in salt water. The 5,000 species of sponge belong to the Phylum Porifora. They are further classified into four groups based on what comprises
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