What is the life cycle of a snake?


Seventy percent of snakes begin their lives growing inside of eggs, while the other 30 percent are born live. Some mothers leave, while others stay with their eggs until they hatch. This process is called brooding.

The fully formed baby snake hatches at the same time as its siblings and quickly moves to avoid becoming dinner. Although similar to mature snakes, newly hatched or newborn snakes are shorter and thinner than their parents. Young snakes quickly learn to hunt for food. As they grow, they shed their skin. The young snake grows up and becomes a mature adult capable of reproducing and starting the life cycle over again. Snakes that lay eggs typically breed in the early spring and lay their eggs in early summer.

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The life cycle of a snake is pretty much the same as any advanced life-form. All snakes start as eggs (as do we) the embryo develops until it is ready to hatch which depends solely
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The life cycle of a snake consists of the egg stage, juvenile stage and adult
Well, that is a question I was going to ask to clarify more and be more specific in my report, however, I do know that it starts with an egg. The owl's egg tooth helps it's way out
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The Life Cycle of a Snake
Snakes are born one of two ways: either through an external, soft, leathery egg (in which case the baby snake uses its "egg tooth" to escape the egg), or through an internal egg and birthed alive.... More »
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