Life Cycle of a Sponge?


The life cycle of a sponge starts with the release of cells by the parent. The cells are fertilized and larva is released. The larva finds a site to cling to where it grows. It can live for over 20 years.
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What Is the Life Cycle of a Sponge?
Every day, everyone uses some kind of sponge to wash their dishes or their cars. We usually use inexpensive sponges made in factories from synthetic materials. However, people might never have thought about making sponges if animal sponges did not exist.... More »
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Identification Sponges live under water. Most sponges live in salt water. The 5,000 species of sponge belong to the Phylum Porifora. They are further classified into four groups based
Sponges are most sexual!!
The life-span of sponges is not well known; the small encrusting forms probably
Project life cycle is the series of stages any project has. From it's inception to the planning and finally the completion of the project. You must organize, seek resources and manage
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The life cycle of a sponge involves identification as with over 4900 sorts of sponge each with classified into four groups based on what comprises their bones. ...
Phylum Porifera includes the sponges. Sponges produce eggs and sperms in a single organism. They are hermaphrodites. The eggs usually stay in the body of the sponge ...
A sponge's life span is approximately ten years if they are left unharvested. When sponges are harvested, it is important to keep the base intact so that the sponge ...
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