Life Is Fine by Langston Hughes?


Life If Fine was written and published in 1949. Langston Hughes was a famous poet. He was famous for his love poems. Life Is Fine starts with: Sixteen floors above the ground. / I thought about my baby / And thought I would jump down
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The poem Life is Fine by Langston Hughes is about him his hard life and him going to make suicide. He tries to drown himself but he said if the water wasn't so cold he would of died
Life is Fine was published in 1994 (after Langston
All right, so we need to determine theme. An easy way to think about theme is to answer this question: What statement about the world is the speaker of the poem sending to the reader
My guess: We self indulge about our emotional pain and tell ourselves how unfortunate we are. The cold water or the high building forces the speaker to experience a small amount of
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Life is Fine is a poem written by Langston Hughes. Many believed that it was written in 1949 but the truth is until now the exact year is still unknown.. It is ...
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