Life of Amanda Sue Bradley?


Amanda Sue Bradley is a fictional character played by Juliette Lewis in the 1990 movie Too Young to Die. While the movie was loosely based on a person named Attina Marie Cannaday, Amanda is not a real person and thus has no life story. Attina Marie Cannaday on the other hand was born on September 8, 1965 and at the age of 16 was put on trial and convicted of the murder of U.S. Air Force Sergeant Ronald Wojcik. She received the death penalty, but that decision was later overturned and she was sentenced to one life sentence along with two 25-year sentences. She was released from prison on parole on March 9, 2008.
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Amanda Sue Bradley is a fictional character loosely
Amanda Sue Bradley is a fictional character loosely based on the life of Attina Cannady, born 1965. =. Too Young to Die? is a 1990 television movie starring Brad Pitt and Juliette
Although set in Oklahoma, the film is loosely based on Attina Marie Cannaday, who along with David Gray, killed Ronald Wojcik, with a knife, in Harrison County, Mississippi on June
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