Lifetouch School Portraits?


Many schools contract with Lifetouch for annual student portraits. Information about student portraits will usually be provided by individual schools.
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Lifetouch Customer Service: call 800-598-8473 . ~Thank you
1. Dress the child comfortably by putting him in clothes that fit well and are made of soft material. He will be more likely to take a better picture if he is comfortable. Going overboard
Why don't you just ask Lifetouch? They will know better than anyone here. Source(s) proFotog.
The typical grad photo setup.
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Lifetouch is a photography company that primarily focuses on taking school photos. They also do work for churches, organizations, sport events and family portraits. Their website doesn't offer a phone number, but you can write them at: P.O. Box 46993 Eden Prairie, MN 55344
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