Lifetouch School Portraits?


Many schools contract with Lifetouch for annual student portraits. Information about student portraits will usually be provided by individual schools.
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Lifetouch Customer Service: call 800-598-8473 . ~Thank you
they pay the minimum wage for training hours, after that, they pay based on experience.
1. Dress the child comfortably by putting him in clothes that fit well and are made of soft material. He will be more likely to take a better picture if he is comfortable. Going overboard
Why don't you just ask Lifetouch? They will know better than anyone here. Source(s) proFotog.
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Lifetouch is a photography company that primarily focuses on taking school photos. They also do work for churches, organizations, sport events and family portraits. Their website doesn't offer a phone number, but you can write them at: P.O. Box 46993 Eden Prairie, MN 55344
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