Is light bleeding after my period abnormal?


Light bleeding after a period is considered to be abnormal bleeding. Abnormal bleeding is any bleeding outside of the normal bleeding during menstruation. This can last a few days, weeks or even months. It should be examined by a doctor because certain disorders can present themselves in light vaginal bleeding. Cervical and ovarian cancer, uterus infections and vaginal infections can all have the symptom of light vaginal bleeding with or without cramping. A normal period may last for a few days up to as long as ten days for some women.
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Break through bleeding can cause you to bleed after your period. Some women that are on birth control experience break through bleeding, but it is nothing serious.
If the flow is not more like the normal period it is what is normally called spotting. Sometime women tend to have this after their periods, mostly happens to those women with irregular
Light bleeding between periods can be caused by stress, hormonal
its normal your body is just getting the rest of the blood out.
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