Light Pink Discharge?


Light pink discharge is common when a woman is experiencing ovulation. The reason this occurs during ovulation is because the hormone estrogen is decreased. When it decreases it can cause light spotting or a pink discharge. Usually the spotting will only be seen when a woman goes to the bathroom on the toilet paper when wiping. Rarely it will be heavier and need a panty liner. It is rarely a cause for concern, unless it does not resolve itself in a few days.
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left over clots from your period mix in with it. its pefectly normal.
Sometimes I get this type of discharge when ovulating. It happens almost every month mid cycle. It depends on your cycle whether this could be a possibility. Also, antibiotics can
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Drs. say it's okay to have a little pinkish discharge as long as you aren't
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There are several different things that can cause light pink discharge after your period has ended. One of the most common causes of pink discharge is ovulation. ...
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