How to Light a Parade Float?


Lighted Christmas parade floats are fun things to make, watch and ride on. Structures such as small houses, trees, angels and reindeer are usually done for lighted floats. Try doing something like Santa on a motorcycle or on a horse.
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1. Obtain a 12-volt, sealed, lead-acid car battery and a 12-volt power inverter, sometimes called an AC/DC converter. Do not plan to tap into the battery powering your parade float
Maybe you could go with the theme of teletubbies. Blow up green and red balloons that are in variety of shapes, and put it around the trailer . Buy a few big teletubbies and put santa
There are many areas which offer the chance to participate in the Christmas parade of lights. Cloverdalealebia offer an application form so that anyone is able to create there own
The Lakeland Christmas Parade has 70 floats, which is the
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Lighted Christmas Parade Float Ideas
Many parades are held during the day, but sometimes you get lucky with a night parade, a parade of lights. Props and decorations are often necessary for the evening shows, but the most important element of your float is the lighting. Done right, your... More »
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