Lighthouse Symbolism?


A lighthouse can symbolize different things for different people. The symbolism of lighthouses can be a sign of safety with it's light coming out of the dark. This light is seen as being a place of security and guidance.
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isolation or some form of protection. the way its drawn might point one way or another, perhaps if it looks sad or eerie.
Lighthouses symbolize things that are important to us, and things that give us
Whether the sea of life is calm or the storms of life are raging, the lighthouse is a beacon of assurance, peace, direction, and hope. report this answer. Updated on Thursday, February
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Lighthouse Symbolism
When lighthouses were used for safety, they alerted sailors that their ship was approaching shore. On a rocky coastline or harbor promontory, the lighthouse was fair warning. It was a beam of comfort to travelers who had endured many difficult months at... More »
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Lighthouses have the symbolic meaning of a beacon beckoning people back home. Lighthouses were meant to guide sailors back into the harbor, back home. So the lighthouse ...
Lighthouses carry many different spiritual meanings. It can symbolize, strength, a safe harbor, arriving at the desired destination, and calm waters. It can also ...
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