What is the symbolic meaning of lightning bolts?


In Navajo culture, the lightning bolt symbolizes divine gifts and salvation. The lightning bolt is also a universal symbol of divine power. In Tarot divination, the lightning bolt is present on the Tower card, signifying an unavoidable transformation.

In ancient times, it was believed that anyone struck by lightning experienced a spiritual rebirth and a message from the divine energy of the universe. In Persia and Egypt, temples and structures were designed with lightning rods for protection in the event a lightning bolt touched down and made contact with the Earth.

In scientific terms, lightning is an electric current that occurs during thunderstorms. Lightning is produced by millions of frozen raindrops colliding as they pass through the air, in turn creating an electric current that creates additional electrical charges in the clouds. A positive charge builds up from the ground and connects with the negative electrical charge in the sky, resulting in lightning bolts. Electrical storms can be quite dangerous, as lightning can lead to fire if it strikes a vulnerable structure.

Lightning can literally cause human and animal hair to stand on end prior to a storm. This occurs when the positive charge makes its way upwards to meet the negative charge. It serves as a warning sign that a storm is brewing.

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