Lightning Strikes Sand What Happens?


When lightning strikes sand, a gray lump will typically be left over. The appearance is similar to concrete being left over.
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A Fulgurite forms. It is like a frozen lightning strike made out of glass. If you find one in the desert, you can get a lot of money for it on Ebay. Embed Quote
Physics question: What happens when lightning strikes sand? the
the lightning heats up the sand causing the silica in the sand to melt causing natural glass. these are called "fulgurites" and yes, this is awesome.
There are few things in nature more awe inspiring that an intense electrical storm, complete with flashes of lightning so brilliant they can turn the night into day. But those spectacular
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When lighting hits the sand, it forms objects known as fulgurites. The glass that forms in not clear but dark in color. If you have ever scene a piece of petrified ...
Thunder is caused by the vibration resulting from lightening. When lightning strikes, huge amounts of electricity shoot through the air causing the air to vibrate ...
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