How to Remove Lime Buildup in a Porcelain Sink?


To Remove Lime Buildup in a Porcelain Sink, pour white vinegar that has been distilled in a bowel and soak a towel, in the vinegar then use it to clean the lime deposits. Wipe the porcelain sink with a damp washcloth to remove any remaining residue, and then rinse the sink with cool water. If any lime deposits remain, apply a mixture of baking soda with cool water. Rinse the sink with cool water to remove any lingering residue. You can also use a commercial lime-scale removal product that contains chemicals that will break down thick lime scale more efficiently.
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About Lime Sinks
Lime sinks, otherwise known as sinkholes, are found in limestone areas such as Florida and Georgia. Water trickles through the limestone ground over a period of thousands of years, creating caves underneath which eventually collapse, forming deep holes.... More »
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1. Fill a small bowl with white distilled vinegar. Soak sheets of paper towels in the vinegar. Place the soaked paper towels over the areas of lime deposits. Press the paper towels
they collapse because chemical rain sinks in the ground and dissolves the lime stone foundation and the land sinks in, and creates a lime sink/sink hole.
Lime slices have an average density greater than water.
Skin of lime adds more per unit vol to weight of lime slice than lemon skin. Even if skins same thickness; lime is smaller so skin adds more weight
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If an onject, such as a lime, has a density higher than the liquid in which it is placed, it will sink. In other words, the density of a lime, or it's weight ...
There is actually not exact scientific proof as to WHY this phenomena occurs, but there is much speculation. The biggest mystery then, is why it's larger citric ...
Lime sinks are also called sink holes. There are some that have been discovered in Georgia, such as the Cochran Lime Sink. They are formed when water runs underground ...
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