What is a Lincoln Log sandwich?


Lincoln Log sandwiches are hot dogs served on hot dog buns or white bread layered with cream cheese. According to the Food Channel, they are also known as Seattle Cream Cheese Dogs.

The Lincoln Log sandwich made an appearance in the 2007 episode of the "Sopranos" called "The Second Coming." In the episode, Carmela is seen spreading cream cheese in the middle of four sliced hot dogs that are placed on two slices of white bread. While the unusual combination of hot dogs and cream cheese is the same, Seattle Cream Cheese Dogs are also typically served on a toasted hot dog bun with fried onions and mustard.

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Lincoln Logs (as seen on the Soprano’s) are apparently hot dog buns or white bread, in which you place hot dogs layered with cream cheese. They can be served warm or cold. They
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Take a slice of white bread, spread cream cheese on it, split a cooked hot
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