What are linear function word problems?


Linear function word problems are presented when a question is asked that requires students to figure out the linear function of a problem through words. These problems can be figured out more easily when they are translated from words to actual equations.

The most important step to figuring out a linear word problem is to translate the problem from words to a workable equation. This involves breaking down the problem, creating letters in place of words if necessary and arranging the problem in a way that can be figured out. For some students, this may be the most difficult part, but can be much easier if the student understands how word problems work.

Students who are having trouble figuring out how to do linear function word problems should make sure that they are familiar with word problems to ensure that they will be able to finish the problem more successfully. It is a good idea to try some basic word problems such as "43 more than 6/10s of a number is equal to the number, find the number." These type of problems will prepare students to be able to solve more complicated linear word function problems that do not have a clear cut example of the language or the numbers that are being used like the original problems.

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An linear equation is like a complete
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