How to Graph Linear Equations by X & Y Intercepts?


In a linear relationship, there are X and Y intercepts. The linear equations of the X and Y intercepts can be graphed by solving the equation involved to obtain the coordinates or generalizing the equation and setting the coordinate not being solved as being equal to 0. Once the coordinates are determined, a graph has to be drawn with the x and y axes and the point is placed at the appropriate points along the axis.
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I believe one of the relationships between x and y in a non-linear graph will be the slope of each point will be unproportional. Therefore, it will create a non-straight line (usually
1. Find the X-intercept. Do this by setting Y in your equation to zero and solving for X. If your linear equation is 2X - 3Y = 12, by setting Y to 0, you have 2X = 12 or X = 6. The
Data sets that show a clear linear relationship
Assuming Leif's interpretation, I would surmise that, while your eigenvalues are correct, the professor wanted you to show work and actually write the eigenvectors explicitly. Embed
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In a linear relationship such as represented in the equation x= b+ay. The relationship between the x and y is a direct variation. This basically means that in ...
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