How can I access the Linksys RV082 remotely for administration?


is the modem a router as well? Well, first of all, are you sure its the router login window, and not the modem login? This may seem obvious, but unless you are seeing a brand/model or some other identifier, its possible you are connecting to your
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The only thing needed for static IP assignment from DHCP is the MAC address. The other items must be there for administrative convenience. I have found it easier to use Excel or a
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Actually your unit had been set for PPPoA mode. If your ISP uses PPPoA you cannot switch to PPPoE and unless it has changed, the RV082 doesn't support PPPoA.
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Actually lepre63 I think you have described the problem; "I read in internet that router and modem could be in different subnet like for the modem ...
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