How to Setup a Linksys SPA3102.?


1. Shut down your Internet modem and any computers connected to it. 2. Connect one of the RJ-11 phone lines to the "LINE" port on the SPA3102 and the other end to the wall telephone jack in your home. 3. Connect the "PHONE" port on the SPA3102 with
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So do that. Why route through asterisk as a passthrough? Why bother?
Do you even need the router? You should be able to connect the 3102 directly to your DSL modem. Some NAT devices aren't SIP-aware. First thing you need to do is verify you're even
Remember that my HowTo is for inbound calls via PSTN and outbound calls via a mixture of PSTN and VOIP. Can you make outbound calls via PSTN through the SPA3102 while it is switched
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