What ingredients are in Lipozene?


Lipozene is one of the products that are claimed to help you shed weight especially when you are obese. Lipozene is said to contain only one ingredient called glucomannan. This ingredient dissolves in water and it is not broken down until it gets to your large intestine. It therefore makes you feel full and decrease your food intake to help you lose weight.
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There is only one ingredient in lipozene, glucomannan. It is an unabsorbable
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Also in researching this supplement I came across numerous complaints about poor customer service and sneaky billing practices especially in reference to their “trial”
Lipozene is a market brand name for the drug Glucomannan which is
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Lipozene Facts
Lipozene is a weight loss product manufactured by the Obesity Institute LLC. Its advertisements can be found all over the internet, as well as on TV. Lipozene is made entirely from glucomannan, a natural fiber that has been clinically shown to help reduce levels of LDL cholesterol and blood lipids... More »
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Lipozene is said to help in losing weight. Its manufacturers say it is clinically proven to reduce body fat with one ingredient in it called glucomannan. Which is natural fiber that originates from the konjac root and competent of dissolves in water and becomes soft and gel-like in your intestines help you to decrease your food intake, and hence lose weight.
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