What Are the Ingredients of Liquid Fire Drain Cleaner?


Liquid fire drain cleaner Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) refers to a pamphlet that comes with the liquid cleaner; it shows the cleaner's chemical content, the name of the manufacturer and safety precautions to take while using it. The ingredients in a liquid fire drain cleaner are sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide, bleach and sulphuric acid.
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Sulfuric acid.
1. Slowly pour "Liquid Plumr Drain Cleaner" down the sink or shower drain. 2. Allow the product to dissolve the clog. In the case of stopped drains, wait until the drain
Liquid Fire Drain Cleaner uses Sulfuric Acid as one of its main
We alrerady know what happens when you pour that kind of mix down the drain, don't we ? The drain needs a snake, but right now I would diffrently go to the hospital if every one is
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Drain cleaners are used to unclog sewer pipes or prevent the incidence of clogged drains. The ingredient of Liquid fire drain cleaners is sulfuric acid.
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