Liquor Bottle Pour Spouts?


To put a spout in a liquor bottle, you just need to screw the spout in. Many liquor establishments use spouts in their bottles.
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In my personal opinion, they are not all the same. As a bartender, I like the metal pour spouts. It seems that they pour more steadily vs. the plastic type. I've experienced a
Remove the cap and insert the pour spout. The pour spout must fit very
Here: You can also get even larger spouts for 1800 and Cabo Wabo at the same site: Hope this helps.
I wouldn't get a pre-measured spout, because most mixed drinks call for differing amounts of liquor. What I would do is to go and get the standard free-pour spout and a Jigger/Pony
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The amount of shots in a 750ml bottle of liquor will depend on how large of a shot glass one is pouring. For example, there is 25.36 1 ounce shots in a 750 ml ...
A standard 750 bottle of liquor holds about 25.4 ounces. If you are pouring the average 2 ounce shots, you can expect to get 12.7 shots from the bottle. ...
1. Audit your stock to see how much liquor was poured during a set period. Typically, you do this by counting empty bottles and weighing or visually inspecting ...
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