How to Care for Lisianthus Plants?


Lisianthus plants have become increasingly popular in the United States. The best way to care for Lisianthus Plants is to keep the soil moist but never overdo it with the water. The soil should not be too wet. They need to be fertilized at least once a month and should never be out in a frost.
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1. Allow three or four lisanthus blooms to remain on the stem when the plants finish blooming at the end of the growing season. Select healthy plants free of pests or disease. 2.
1 Choose root-bound plugs. In order to transplant a plug cleanly into a new location, the plant should be well held together by its own roots. Otherwise, the transplanting process
Lisianthus flowers have gained a reputation, somewhat unfairly, of being finicky and difficult to grow. In fact, if you just learn the needs of the lisianthus and attend to them,
It is not on any lists on the internet as being toxic to cats but it is also not on any lists as not being toxic. It has been discussed as making cats seem inebriated. So it may have
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How to Grow Lisianthus
The lisianthus is a cut flower that is an annual is most climates, and they can be started by seed in the spring. When growing the lisianthus in cold climates, let them dry out between waterings with instructions from a sustainable gardener in this free... More »
Difficulty: Moderate
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